Duczer East was awarded Emerging Partner of the Year with WSO2  and WSO2 CIAM  in 2023. Because of our track record with our outstanding clients, Duczer East has enjoyed a high level of invitations with our clients for new projects.

Duczer East is the go-to Adobe Experience Manager Partner that Plan, Build, and Manage our Client’s Customer Journey Technology effectively and with a lower TCO model.

Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) and IDflow CDP:Extraordinary and Secure Digital Experiences for All Your Customers

CIAM and IDflow CDP deployment to deliver secure, user-friendly value for increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Managed Customer Journey with a modern Customer Data Platform

Customer Identity Access Management  driven ID Graph with ML  for pattern discovery and prescriptive guidance enabling revenue growth and customer contentment.

Advanced Integration and Microservices

Applications and functions that are part of your core value to your customers need to be available, timely and secure. Furthermore, the design should fit into a CI/CD paradigm to continue innovation and security in your demanding landscape.

Duczer East Integration and IPaaS practice is recognized for:

API Design And Management

Near Real Time And Event
Driven Architecture

Data Integration


Automated Marketing

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