Company History

Established in 2018, Duczer East initially focused on intricate integrations. Our early achievements included the development of a comprehensive ticketing system and travel commerce platform for a leading high-speed rail service. Concurrently, we implemented a real-time, event-driven solution for the clinical system of a prominent hospital corporation. 

Recognized worldwide for expertise in Customer Journey Management and enhanced customer experience Duczer East assists companies to grow revenue through technology. With skills in CIAM, ID Graphs and Customer Journey, Duczer East also leverages its  proven expertise in API management, Integration technology, and near real time data to drive success, Duczer East is a leading global integration specialist. Our reputation is founded on a dedicated focus on innovative solutions to drive your corporations value to your clients and community.

Founded by David Duczer deBoisblanc and Tyler Eastridge, Duczer East combines David’s 30 years of complex solution leadership with Tyler’s delivery and operational expertise. Active in North and Latin America, we prioritize our clients’ interests above all else

Our Industries


Within our Financial Services practice, Visual Integrator has world class solutions in banking, insurance, and global markets for financial institutions both big and small. 


Our network of health care industry professionals will provide extensive advisory services that are specific to the evolving health care environment and the economics that drive


Our technology consultants understand the importance of staying ahead of change, and they have developed an industry specific methodology to do just that.

Oil, Gas, and
Renewable Energy

Our consultants provide in depth knowledge of the industry and best practices to our manufacturing clients

Public Services

Within our Public Services practice, Visual Integrator has worked closely with our clients in Federal and Defense, State, Local, Health, and Intelligence Community sectors of various levels of government


We understand the human elements that are the center of these organizations and how to ensure that service-related processes are successful.


Our consultants provide in depth knowledge of the industry and best practices to our manufacturing clients


Our consultants provide in depth knowledge and experience of current trends and best practices in the industry and are eager to help telecommunication companies maximize the potential of the marketplace

and Logistics

Our consultants have extensive
knowledge of the supply chain best practices and methodologies. We understand the roles of consumers, suppliers, inventory management, and distribution centers.