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IAM expertise is Crucial in CIAM deployment, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. CIAM goes beyond traditional IAM. 

Begin your customer’s experience with low friction and controlling all access points with secure and personalized journeys Forge A Seamless Synergy By Intelligently Integrating with Legacy Systems Like CRM And Marketing Automation. 

Customer Data

CIAM with (IDFlowTM) creates a foundation to manage your customer’s journey. Progressive Profiling converts unknown visitors into satisfied customers.

WSO2 stands as our top
recommended CIAM platform.

With its robust integration capability WSO2 provides powerful, open-source CIAM solutions to secure your applications for consumers, enterprise customers, citizens, and more.

Identity Harbor

CIAM-specialized Identity as a Service (IDaaS): A complete, managed CIAM solution. Choose between Cloud or On-Premise. Trust our team of CIAM and integration experts to oversee your environment effortlessly. Request for more info (Info@duceast.com) or schedule a time to discuss with our architect team.


User Lifecycle Management

Directory Services

Security And Compliance

APIs And Integration

Self-Service Portals

Mobile Identity Management

Reporting And Auditing

Duczer East works with your team to deploy a successful CIAM solution to enhance your value to your customers, complete with ML to understand and direct progressive profiling.

Empower your success through our rich integration experience with API Management tools, event-driven architecture, and near-real-time data. Backed by our extensive digital transformation know-how, we provide a seamless catalyst for your success.

CIAM expertise

IAM (Identity and Access Management) expertise is indeed a crucial element in the broader context of CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) deployment, but it represents only the tip of the iceberg. CIAM involves managing identities and access for external users, particularly customers, and extends beyond the traditional IAM framework tailored for internal users. Leverage AI and Machine Learning to create better customer outcomes. Here’s why IAM expertise is just the beginning for a successful CIAM deployment:

Focus on
External Users

Successfully deploying CIAM requires a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements associated with these external user groups.


This involves user-friendly interfaces, simplified registration processes, and personalized services that go beyond the typical scope of IAM.

and Flexibility

Scalability considerations extend beyond traditional IAM capacities and require a more dynamic and flexible approach.

Marketing and
User Engagement Integration

CIAM often involves integration with marketing tools and strategies to enhance customer engagement and progressive profiling

Regulatory Compliance
And Consent

CIAM often involves navigating complex regulatory landscapes, especially concerning user consent and data privacy.

Consumer Identity
Lifecycle Management

CIAM requires a comprehensive approach to managing customer identities from registration to account maintenance, password recovery, and potentially account deletion

User Experiences

CIAM must address the omnichannel nature of modern customer interactions. Whether customers engage through websites, mobile apps, social media, or other channels, the CIAM solution must provide a consistent and secure experience across all touchpoints