IDFlow™ CDP with an innovative ID Graph

Customer Data Platform Machine Learning Engine

Overcome new customer data challenges

The deprecation of third-party cookies poses challenges for Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), impacting tracking, data collection, and privacy compliance. CDPs must adapt and  by innovating new approaches to data management, CDPs can continue to provide value in the evolving landscape of customer data. Learn more about cookie Depredation

IDflow™ innovative approach delivers a solution and ensures  flexibility to adapt to evolving changes. Understand your customers and potential customers in an improved view.

IDflow™ innovates ID Graphs to new heights

By driving an ID graph with Machine Learning directly from  the powerful WSO2 Customer Identity Access Management  you can assure accurate data in complete compliance with various consent management laws. By decoupling id technologies from the backend systems flexibility to incorporate new ID technology innovations you are able to evolve more accuracy in your understanding of your customer’s journey.

IDflow™ ID graph is developed by the pioneers of the customer journey industry with over 20 years experience. Contact us to have a discussion with our innovators to learn more.

Duczer East Specializes in Customer Data Platform Process and Technologies

Customer Identity Access Management- A foundational component for a great customer data platform, security and customer experience.

IDFlow™ ID Graph- specialized machine learning driven database to build customer insights to drive customized experience and drive progressive profiling from anonymous to known user

Real-Time Data-Utilizing our integration modernization skills Duczer East aids our clients transform their systems to deliver near real time data.