and Microservices

Duczer East excels in seamless API integration for modernizing enterprise systems, ensuring efficient and effective digital transformation. Trusted across the Americas, we deliver end-to-end solutions that drive business value.

API Design, Development and Management

Event Driven Architecture and Stream Processing


Data Foundation
and Integration

API Design,
Development and Management

Duczer East since our foundation have been experts in API Architecture, Development, Governance and Management. With deep expertise in popular API management tools and integration platform

In-depth Understanding
of Business Goals


Scalability and

Security and

Comprehensive Documentation
and Testing framework

Continuous Monitoring
and Analytics


Event Driven Architecture, Stream Processing

and Real-Time Data

At Duczer East, we deploy event-driven architecture (EDA) in modernization projects, emphasizing the efficient handling of events within systems. Using events as a central communication mechanism, we enable our clients to create loosely coupled, asynchronous systems for real-time reactions.

Our EDA expertise is particularly valuable in complex and distributed systems like those in cloud computing or IoT, allowing efficient processing of large volumes of data and events.

Duczer East specializes in implementing stream processing for a competitive edge in both transactional system modernization and data analytics. Our consultants design and build systems for near-instantaneous analysis and response to real-time events, tailored to specific industry needs. From financial trading to IoT device management, our solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies and deep expertise in data engineering. We prioritize low-latency, high-throughput processing, empowering clients to make faster, informed decisions.

IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a comprehensive solution that facilitates seamless connectivity and collaboration between diverse applications and systems across an organization. A cloud-based platform providing a centralized hub for managing and executing integrations, offering several key capabilities


Data Transformation

Workflow Orchestration

API Management

Real-Time Monitoring

Pre-Built Connectors


Security And Compliance

Rapid Deployment