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WSO2 provides powerful, open-source CIAM solutions to secure your applications for consumers, enterprise customers, citizens, and more.

Over 1 Billion Identities managed
Organizations Worldwide Trust WSO2 CIAM to Secure Their Digital Customer Experience Applications

Why Choose WSO2 for CIAM?

Comprehensive, Innovative Feature Set

Made for Developers

Multiple Deployment Options

Flexible, Affordable
Pricing Options

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Proven Success in
Consumer, Enterprise, and Government Use Cases

We’ve helped our customers build all types of digital customer experiences

For Consumers


Launch your consumer-facing applications confidently and securely, so you can identify, convert, and retain the right consumers.

For Business Customers

Enable secure access for your B2B business customers and their consumers with flexible organization management capabilities.

For Citizens

Accelerate government digital transformation to empower citizens with frictionless, safe access to public services.

CIAM Without Compromise

Don’t let your customer identity solution limit your CX vision

WSO2 is committed to ensuring your CX project success today and in the future. We’re the CIAM solution that doesn’t force you to settle for less than what you need to achieve your vision.

Secure peace of mind without sacrificing ease-of-use

You can have both. Banish user frustration by using security that’s nearly invisible until needed – helping you achieve lower abandonment rates and drive higher revenue.

Realize your ultimate CX vision without complicated development

Our platform was made for developers, by developers. We deliver the tools, resources, and community to give your dev team a head start and a clear path. Some say it’s an unfair competitive advantage.

Deploy how and where you need

Your IT architecture might be complicated, mixing SaaS, on-prem, private cloud, and managed services. Your CIAM’s deployment options need to work for you, not against you. With WSO2, you choose how and where you want it.

Scale your customers, not your costs

WSO2 powers some of the world’s largest CX deployments, but we don’t penalize our customers’ growth with rising prices. WSO2 remains affordable as you grow, all the way up to the consumer/citizen scale.

Features at a Glance

Critical Building Blocks for Your Digital Customer Experience

Use these pre-configured features, or adapt them to your needs with WSO2’s unique extensibility

single Sign-on

Users only authenticate once, bypassing additional authentications as they navigate through different parts of your CX

Social & Federated Login

Social & Federated Login
Allow users to log in leveraging an external identity source, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or a custom identity provider.

Strong authentication

Strong Authentication
Allow usage of fingerprint readers, tokens, one-time passcodes, and more for stronger security.

Passwordless authentication

Passwordless Authentication
Leverage the latest passwordless technology standards to give customers even more login convenience and security.

Risk-adaptive & Multi-factor Authentication

Adjust authentication based on current conditions, ensuring that security does not add unnecessary friction to your CX

User Onboarding

Define your company’s process for bringing new users into your system.

Progressing Profiling

Build up customer profile information over time, instead of all up-front, minimizing the inconvenience factor that can drive users away.

Account Management

Manage user information singly or in bulk to ensure the highest data quality.

User Self-Service

Empower your users to manage their own profile information.

Identity Provisioning

Grant users access to different services you offer via a rule-based automation system.

Identity Bridging

Logically join different identity systems (such as what happens after a merger or acquisition) to ensure a seamless experience for all your customers.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Grant or deny access to very specific parts of your system. This lets you create a more tailored, personalized experience for your users.

Customizable Branding

Apply your organization’s branding for visual consistency of login screens, user portals, email templates and more.

Privacy, Consent & Compliance

Privacy, Consent & Compliance Management Collect, record, and manage privacy information for your users, in compliance and more.

Analytics, Dashboarding & Reporting

Monitor and report the state and progress of users within your system, helping you handle compliance, marketing effectiveness, and more.

Sales & Marketing Tools Integration

Easily connect with essential sales and marketing tools such as CRM, eCommerce and marketing automation systems

Operate in the Cloud, On-Premises or in Hybrid Environments

IDaaS Deployment for Speed and Simplicity

Get up and running instantly with our multi-tenant SaaS solution. Add your critical cloud-based business applications in minutes.

Run it Yourself or Use Our Private Cloud Deployment

Use self-hosted software or let us 
host it for you. Address requirements such as integrating with Windows desktop authentication
or legacy solutions.